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Imagine eating an edible figurine of your favourite character or chomping into a slice of your family portrait placed on top of a mouth watering chocolate gateau as an edible photo. Cake decorating is an art that is centuries old and an art that is right here on our doorstep at local café, Café Time.

Café Time owners Scott and Lisa Stringer have done the hard yards in the last 10 years since taking on the business and after a lot of learning and hard work they have successfully managed to balance family life and business life just like a well balanced 3 tier wedding cake, you could say they have it down to a fine art just like their delectable freshly baked food, cakes and specialty breads.

Walk into the café at any time of the day and you can’t help being knocked over by the wafting delectable smell of fresh baking. Pies, pastries, deli rolls, gingerbread men and lamingtons, you name it. Whatever your desire their chocker block cabinets will please any taste buds. A big seller that is a must to take home as a treat is their famous homemade fudge. Meat, veggies and ingredients are all sourced locally where possible and 100% of what you see is all handmade and baked fresh on site in the commercial kitchen out back. With a growing staff of 10, Scott and Lisa proudly say how fantastic they all are and their experience and friendly customer service makes working as a team and running a smooth operation 7 days a week a pleasure.

Cafe Time
Cafe Time cafe
There is a world of imagination that goes into cake decorating and your vision and desire is almost never impossible with this team. From big to small, fat ones to little ones, chocolate to fruit, round or shaped, if it can be created it will be created. A recent addition to the cake side of the business is cakes made from marzipan which molds little figurines. Picture a castle with little life like soldiers standing on the moat. Toppers of your children’s favorite little Bob the Builder friend or Dora the Explorer or maybe Grandma's 80th birthday with her picture made from a photo on her celebration cake. Prices vary from cake to cake as it is such a personalized preference, but the money spent reflects the time spent by these talented ladies whom have the art of cake decorating smoothly iced to perfection.

Travelers from as far as England have come back year after year for the food and often a celebrity pops their head in the door. A memorable visit from a food critic from Dunedin whom had nothing but good comments for Scott and Lisa has left them both with a real since of achievement and satisfaction in knowing that their scary conversion into business ownership has proven the right one for the family and their own personal satisfaction makes it all worthwhile.

So if you forgot the birthday cake or you’re purely just hungry! Then Café Time is a must to visit. Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up or can’t bear the Xmas cake sinking or after hours of sweat and tears in the kitchen you burn the baking, then never fear! just pick up the phone or call in and see the team today.

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